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Essentail Good Food Guide

My new book, The Essential Good Food Guide is now available!

The Essential Good Food Guide is fully revised with the most up-to-date advice on organics, heirloom grains and legumes, gluten-free cooking options, and the new varieties of fruits and vegetables popping up at farmers markets across the country to help you make the most of your time in the grocery aisle and the kitchen.
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This convenient pocket guide demystifies that process of discovery by packing the knowledgeable information of Margaret M. Wittenberg's NEW GOOD FOOD, the definitive guide to natural foods, into a concise, easy-to-carry format. Plenty of easy-reference entries help you navigate your many options when choosing organic, local, sustainable, and ethical foods. With handy charts and tables that summarize what's in season when, and ingredient-specific guides to buying, storing, and preparing the bounty of whole foods now widely available, the NEW GOOD FOOD SHOPPER'S POCKET GUIDE helps you make choices that sit your principles, your palate, and your pocketbook.
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