This is one of my all-time favorite grain recipes, particularly for holiday dinners. Use semi-pearled farro to keep cooking time to 25 minutes. Whole farro will take up to three times longer, nearly 75 minutes — that's a long time to stir, especially considering both semi-pearled and whole farro provide similar results.

Place dried porcini mushrooms in a small bowl and cover with 1 cup boiling water. Allow 20 minutes for the mushrooms to soften. Remove the mushrooms, chop, and set aside. Filter the soaking liquid through a paper coffee filter to strain out grit. Use the soaking water as part of the stock needed for the recipe.

Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a pot over medium heat. Add onion sauté for 5 minutes.

Then add the pre-soaked dried porcini mushrooms and the thyme, continuing to sauté for another 3–5 minutes. Add the farro, stirring to coat each grain with the oil, for approximately 3-4 minutes. Sprinkle the farro with the salt. Then, over medium-high heat, add 1/2 cup of hot stock, stirring constantly until the liquid is completely absorbed. Repeat with the remaining stock, adding 1/2 cup at a time until all the stock has been used, allowing approximately 25 minutes to completion.

Gradual additions of stock allow the farro to release starch, producing a somewhat creamy texture (although less in comparison with rice risotto) while the kernel remains al dente.

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