Best Baked Fish

Serves 2

Simple ingredients — a bit of oil to keep the fish moist, a sprinkle of herbs, and a dusting of chunky finishing salt — and an oven preheated to a very high: these are the two big secrets for making great fish, each and every time.

This works with any kind of fish and whether the fillets are thin or thick. The only thing different will be the cooking time, based on the thickness of the fillet.

Optional Toppings

Delete salt from recipe. Sauté sliced onions, mushrooms and bell peppers in oil and drizzle with tamari soy sauce, cooking for about 15 minutes. Add to the fish in the baking dish halfway through the baking process.

Preheat oven to 440°F.

Quickly rinse fish under water. Place fish in baking dish and drizzle with oil and sprinkle with herbs and salt. Put in oven and bake approximately 10 minutes baking time per inch thickness, measured at its thickest point. Add or subtract 2 minutes for each ΒΌ inch above or below the nearest inch.

Fish will be done when it turns opaque and just begins to flake when pierced with a fork in its thickest part. Be careful not to overcook; fish will continue to cook for a few minutes after it is removed from the heat.

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